Australia Famous Tourist Places

Published: 24th September 2010
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Australia is a land of prosperity, peace and full of natural diversity. Australia is a world in itself because it has all type climate, areas and separate from other countries land. Australia has around sea and not touch any country land border. Kangaroo land is fully located in south glob of the Earth so this country weather time is different from north glob.

Australia is a dream land among the tourists of the world. Country accesses are two ways only one is airplane and second ship because country land location separate from other countries land. Australia has many world famous places some are opera house, Harbor Bridge, beaches and museums etc.

Sydney Harbor Bridge: Bridge was completely constricted in 1932 and this is a steel arch bridge. Bridge length is 1,149 m and width 49 m. bridge location is Sydney harbor and this is a main point which are joint North Shore and Sydney business district.

Sydney Opera House: Opera House is world UNESCO heritage site and completed in 1973. Opera house located near of Sydney Harbor Bridge. This is a very beautiful building and every year million people come to visit this building.

Brisbane Beaches: Brisbane is world most famous for its beaches. 70 km to 35 km range good beaches available Brisbane to gold coast cities. Beaches have water sports, restaurants and sailing facilities available.

Melbourne Museums and Shopping Markets: Melbourne is second big city of the kangaroo land (Australia). Melbourne Museum, Police Museum and Immigration museum are famous tourist museums.

Australia has a big geographical area which number is sixth in world but country has very low population nearly 2,467,576. So country has GDP is very high and this is a developed country. Australia country Monarch is Queen Elizabeth II so this is English language country. Australia honeymoon package is good for tourists because travel agent provide all famous places tour and accommodation within one package.

Kangaroo land, Australia tour popularity increases by its low population, big geographical areas, natural diversity and natural beaches.

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