Static and Dynamic Website Development Process

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Published: 18th August 2010
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Every business man/woman wants to increase their business on national or international level with low cost and low efforts. Now this can possible by a website and its global search engine promotions. In modern time website is a necessary element for any mills, company or organization which may private or government.

Websites are two types one is static and second dynamic. Normally static website develop to an officially purpose, tour travel information, govt. department etc. but dynamic website development purpose is manage a big data information which can not possible manage by a statically. If we have 1, 00,000 books for sale so we require all information each book relevant and display on website. For 1, 00,000 books we shall require same numbers of pages for each book if we developed a static website. But dynamic website can solve this problem by develop10 to 20 pages only. In dynamic we will create a data base on back end and on front user will see one page but data will change dynamically according book.

Website Project developer follows following processes to develop a website.

Project identifications and planning: this is a beginning step to develop a website. Project developer analyze in this step website technical availability and requirement, estimated cost and operational feasibility.

Design of a website functions: designing of a website function is a challenging task. Design should easily understandable, efficient and easily amenable to change. Site all functions should divide in module. Each module should clearly understandable of the website function.

Coding: coding is step to convert design in scripting code PHP, .NET, HTML, ASP, Java etc. all module should coded in separately and after all coding each module joint each other. All code should write in top technical person guidelines. Because well written code can reduce testing and maintenance cost and efforts,

Testing: this is a step to check a site function, work proper or not. All functions should clearly check and find errors which may possible. Testing should implement by none IT professional persons.

Implementation: after final testing of the site, developer uploads all source code on server finally and hand over to client. After development, website promotion (SEO) step start. SEO services Delhi is also a critical and long process to promote a website on get top ten ranks.

Company provides Website Development Delhi services which include both type dynamic (PHP) and static (HTML) at custom rate.

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